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Sometimes the truly unfortunate occurs.  It can be anything from something giving your granite countertop too hard a jolt to setting down a hot pot on a laminate countertop and leaving a mark.  Honestly, it happens – but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.  With many years of experience with countertops of all types and materials, our professionals can do absolute wonders with your damaged countertop in many, many situations.

Since we are a custom countertop manufacturer, we have all the right tools and right equipment to make repairs for you.  This isn’t something that you’ll find at your local home improvement warehouse.  We use these tools and equipment day in and day out and know all the techniques to resolve trouble with your countertop.  From handling cracks to removing discolorations and scraping, our professionals can resolve your countertop repair issue.

Need your countertop resealed or resurfaced?

Contact Atlantic Countertops to have one of our professionals handle maintenance to your countertop and ensure everything is well protected.  Many homeowners do this themselves, but if you have any questions or would just prefer a professional to handle the details, we are happy to schedule a quick service call to give you peace of mind. Atlantic Countertops will handle annual granite countertop resealing or resurfacing your solid surface countertop with just a quick phone call to our office!

Countertop Installation

Of course, when you get a custom countertop from Atlantic Countertops, your installation should be done with the same precision and care!  Atlantic Countertops has been providing custom countertops for years and providing the same precision installing those countertops the whole time.  Having a great looking countertop is one thing, but having it solidly installed and level throughout makes it functional.  There’s no use having a counter that has a slight lean to it. The best countertop in the world just isn’t functional if it’s not installed correctly.

Atlantic Countertop custom fit countertops are measured exactly and we know when we come out to install your new counter that we have a quality product that will fit perfectly with no “fudging” here or there to make it work.  Our precision and attention to detail is something that we have always been known for and it makes our installations go smoothly day in and day out.

When you want guaranteed performance and guaranteed results, think Atlantic Countertops from start to finish!