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The Leader in Raleigh Commercial Countertops

As a leader in the North Carolina Commercial countertop industry, Atlantic Countertops has left it’s mark on many local commercial locations. From providing high quality countertops for the luxury suites in the PNC Arena (formerly known as the RBC Center) that enhance the beauty of the suites to providing high quality countertops for the Novartis Pharmaceutical plant in Morrisville, Atlantic Countertops always has just the right countertop and expertise for your commercial needs. At our 25,000 square foot state of the art location, we have ample space for any project that you may have.

High Quality Commercial Countertops

We provide high-quality commercial countertops for any need based on your specifications. We can work with your specs to provide proper materials or meet certain functional criteria required for your particular project. Clients sometimes contact us with only an idea of what they’re actually looking for. With our long experience in the commercial countertop business, we can frequently find an excellent match for your application. Be it beauty and heat resistance or wanting something that is truly one of a kind for a large boardroom table, Atlantic Countertops is your partner from the beginning of the project to installing the finished product and working with you each step of the way.

Commercial Countertops are different than home countertops

Commercial countertops usually need to be more resilient and will undergo much heavier usage than the normal home countertop. We carefully select the materials based on your specifications to match your intended usage. Not quite sure what you DO want? Our large showroom contains samples from many different manufacturers and brands to allow you to browse until you find exactly the countertop material that you want. Based on our knowledge, we will give you a steer in the right direction and help you find the best fits for your need.

Commercial Countertops by Atlantic Countertops

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