Cary Countertops

Cary is one of the faster growing communities around the entire triangle area. It’s commonly seen as one of the safer communities around the area, and always seems to be a vibrant yet relaxed place. The community in Cary is great, every small business here wants to be here, and wants to give the best possible service to the people of the community. It’s a community of people that want to be here.

Atlantic Countertops has been installing bathroom and kitchen countertops for years, all over Cary and beyond. Everything and anything from a simple re-do of a bathroom countertop to a brand new granite countertop for your kitchen in your newly constructed home, Atlantic Countertops has proven time and time again it is a leader in the Cary kitchen and bathroom countertop market. Are you lost with what you want to do next? We’ll be more than glad to not only do the work for you, but help you figure out what exactly you want!

Design your own Kitchen or Bathroom

Countertops are a very crucial design element for any kitchen or bathroom. I’m sure we’ve all walked into a bathroom and just thought “wow, this countertop is out of place”, and that can truly make an entire bathroom ugly. Some materials will be better suited for the bathroom, while you’ll have others that are by far better used in the kitchen. Atlantic Countertops is proud of our record as the “go-to” installer of kitchen and bathroom countertops in Cary. Putting out amazing work is our main goal.

Atlantic Countertops is YOUR Cary granite kitchen countertop installer. With that said, we do not only work with granite countertops in Cary though we are great at that, we also have experience installing Corian, laminate, and quartz countertops and solid-surface countertops in Cary. For any of your countertop needs, you need Atlantic Countertops!

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