Chapel Hill Countertops

People often refer to Chapel Hill as the southern side of Heaven! The people who reside in Chapel Hill are very proud of their city and regard it as the crown jewel of North Carolina. Needless to say, they’re proud of where they live! It’s a great place to live.

Superior Quality from Atlantic Countertops Chapel Hill

Atlantic Countertops have been installing kitchen and bathroom countertops all over Chapel Hill for many years now. From granite countertops in new construction in Chapel Hill to re-doing a bathroom countertop, Atlantic Countertops has proven itself for a long time to be a leader in the Chapel Hill kitchen and bathroom countertop market. Other companies may claim to be the best, but we have the record to back it up.

Countertops are such an important design aspect for any kitchen or bathroom anywhere. Some materials will be far better suited for a life in your bathroom, while others are perfectly made to sit in your kitchen their whole life! Preferably, you want something in your bathroom that won’t hold moisture and cause mold and mildew issues. Atlantic Countertops has been one of the “go-to” installers in the area for kitchen and bathroom countertops for a long time. We are very proud of the work that we do.

Atlantic Countertops is YOUR granite kitchen countertop installer. But with that said, we haven’t ONLY installed granite countertops in Chapel Hill, we have also installed Corian, solid-surface, laminate and quartz countertops in Chapel Hill. If you need any kind of countertop for your Chapel Hill home, call or contact Atlantic Countertop today. We look forward to helping you the best we can!

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