Durham Countertops

Durham is widely referred to as the “City of Medicine” or “Bull City” to those who live and visit there. Healthcare is the biggest industry in durham, giving it one of these names. On the other side, they’re home to a minor-league baseball team, the Durham Bulls! They were the minor league champions in 2018 if that tells you anything.

Atlantic Countertops has been installing kitchen and bathroom countertops all over Durham for years! Everything from re-doing bathroom countertops to a granite countertop in a newly constructed kitchen, Atlantic Countertops has for a long time proven itself to be a leader in the kitchen and bathroom countertop market. Have a strange request? Ask us, we just might be able to help you out!

Countertops in Durham for your Bathroom and Kitchen

Countertops are SUCH an important design aspect for both your kitchen and bathroom alike. Some materials are just made to work better in a kitchen than a bathroom. Some surfaces are far better at resisting moisture, which you’d want in your bathroom to avoid any mold or mildew issues. Looks DO mean a lot but never forget about the practicality of whatever you’re considering.

Atlantic Countertops is the premier Durham granite kitchen countertop installer. With that said, we aren’t limited to granite. We can install Corian, laminate, quartz, and solid-surface countertops in Durham and beyond! If you have any countertop needs in your Durham home, please give Atlantic Countertop a call today!

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