Knightdale Countertops

Knightdale is shaping up to be THE place to live in the Raleigh area. With new people funneling in every day, new shopping malls and restaurants are popping up all over the place! The entire Knightdale area has seen nothing but growth over the past years, and is one of the fastest growing towns in the whole state of North Carolina.

Atlantic Countertops has been installing kitchen and bathroom countertops all over Knightdale for several years now.  From Knightdale granite countertops in a newly constructed kitchen to re-doing a bathroom countertop, Atlantic Countertops has proven itself time and time again to be the leader of the Knightdale kitchen and bathroom countertop market. That reputation isn’t easy to earn, you really have to work for it.

Countertops in Knightdale for your Kitchen or Bathroom

Countertops are such an important and often overlooked aspect of designing a kitchen or bathroom. But funnily enough, they’re generally going to be the first thing you look at in one of these rooms. Some materials are going to be suited better for a kitchen than a bathroom, hard-wood is nothing but bad news for the moisture of a bathroom! Atlantic Countertops has become known as the “go-to” installer of kitchen and bathroom countertops in Knightdale and all around.

Atlantic Countertops is the Knightdale granite kitchen countertop installer. We are the best. With all that said though we don’t ONLY do granite countertops in knightdale. We also have experience installing Corian, solid-surface, laminate and quartz countertops in Knightdale. If you need any countertop work in your home, call Atlantic Countertops!

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